Russell Crowe and Shit!
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I’m this bunnies momma


I’m this bunnies momma

Anon advice: "a clean consciousness is a good pillow" (found it on a fortune cookie yesterday) Anon love: I am a roleplay blog that uses Russell Crowe as a face claim for my character and OMR your blog is such a good resource for stuff!! <3 <3 <3

That’s very nice advice :)
And thank u lovely!

There's a skeleton inside of you.

Dats some spooky shit.

Would you rather eat nothing but pudding for a year or never eat pudding again? Fuck Marry Kill: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman? Visit a science museum or an art museum? How old were you when you lost your first tooth? What is your dream car like?

Well I’m not a huge fan of pudding, so I would have to say never eat it again.
This is a hard one! Um, I think I would fuck batman (he runs around in a rubber suit all day, u know he’s kinky). Marry Wonder Woman because she’s awesome! And I would have to kill superman.
This is another hard one, art and science are my favorite subjects. But when it comes down to it I’d pick a science museum.
I lost my first tooth very late. I want to say the end of 2nd grade. My teeth wouldn’t fall out, so I had most of my baby teeth pulled.
I really like 1982 corvettes and of course I’m a sucker for a 67 impala :)
Thanks for the ask lovely!


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a plus-side to being my friend is that you can come to my house in your pajamas and i will not judge you because i will also be in my pajamas


Goddddddddddddd&#160;!!!!!!!!!!! O_O


Goddddddddddddd !!!!!!!!!!! O_O


Some people have these like fandom specific blogs and then there’s me: